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37 While vastly different aesthetically, Toon Link's' abilities are largely similar to Young Link's, as he is a faster, nimbler yet weaker counterpart to Link, with whom he also shares the same Final Smash. Both Link and Toon Link returned in Super Smash Bros.
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All Alfonzo Ashei Aveil Blade Brothers Captain Stalfos Colin Crenel Hermit Dark Link Darpa Dazzle Lyphos Death Sword Demise Eagus Fierce Deity Link Ganon Garo Master Gerudo Warrior Ghanti Ghirahim Gramps Grayblade Greatblade Grimblade Hero of Men Hero of the Four Sword Hero's' Spirit Hylia's' Chosen Hero Igos du Ikana Jermafenser Jolene Karuna King Daltus King's' Lackeys Knight of Hyrule Link Link's' Father Link's' Uncle Links Master Stalfos Niko Orca Orville Osun Phantom Ganon Possessed Zelda Prince Facade Ralph Rescue Knight Richard Link's' Awakening Rioma River Man Royal Guard Rusl Russell Scarblade Segre Shadow Link Sir Combsly Sir Raven Smith Soldier Splitblade Stalblind Sturgeon Swiftblade Swiftblade I Swordsman Tetra Toon Link Toon Zelda Vaati Vicente Waveblade Young Link Zant Zeu.
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c: bond sense 3c. d: an intermediate rod or piece for transmitting force or motion especially: a short connecting rod with a hole or pin at each end. e: the fusible member of an electrical fuse. 2: something analogous to a link of chain: such as. a: a segment of sausage in a chain. b: a connecting element or factor found a link between smoking and cancer. c: a unit in a communication system. d: an identifier attached to an element in a system such as an index term in a database in order to indicate or permit connection with other similarly identified elements especially: one such as a hyperlink in a computer file. linked; linking; links. Definition of link Entry 2 of 4. to couple or connect by or as if by a link. to become connected by or as if by a link often used with up the band linked up with a new record label. Definition of link Entry 3 of 4.: a torch formerly used to light a person's' way through the streets. linked; linking; links.

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