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Diabetic- Gout – Gerd – Proven Health Supplement

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What is RxCrystal

RxCrystal cannot be identified as medicine. It is only add-on mineral that is specially formulated for our daily drinking.
It helps to solve part of the source or the cause of illness.

Functions of RxCrystal

Detox • De-Acidify • De-Stress
Meaning that it helps to reduce or fight against the source of illness with the most effective, simple and cheap way.
If the source of illness can be identified and can be treated, then with God’s Will the suffering that you have been experienced can be helped.
It also “Detoxes” blood that toxic and acidic as well as improves blood flow. Reduce pain and inflammation. Improves cells and nerves that is weakened by daily stress. Reduce Water Retention. Reduce body odour. Increases Metabolism. Anti-aging. Improves body Physiology & Skin beauty. RxCrystal is made to bring all kinds of frequency energy that is chosen to stimulate cell, tissues and our organs to the best frequencies that improves the health of our mind and body.

There are 217 frequencies that have been chosen and infused into RxCrystal. Among them are :
• 7.83Hz (Nature / Schumanan Resonance)
• 432Hz (Positive Energy)
• 528Hz (DNA Repair)
• 639Hz (Love and Relationship)

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